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The Lebanon 9-12 Project meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month

All About You Catering

302 East Lehman Street

Lebanon PA, 17042

6:30 to 9:00 pm

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What Is Jihad?

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Welcome to the internet home of the Lebanon 9-12 Project.  

For more about the Lebanon 9-12 Project we recommend using the ABOUT tab at the top of the page. Our Contact Information is available on the drop down menu when you mouse over the ABOUT Tab.  Please make certain you read the Terms of Use agreement (Also in the drop down menu of the ABOUT tab) explaining standards for membership to this website.  Information on the Board and our Principles/Values and Mission Statement can be found at this link.  The Lebanon 9-12 Project is fully supported by dues and membership contributions to the 9-12. 

The new and improved web presence will be easier to navigate and allow us to advocate for specific issues in a more common sense approach than was available at our previous website.  

We have pages dedicated to specific issues which you can visit by clicking on the Issue Item in the left hand column.

You can also share your own opinions by using our Blogs.  Please make sure the discussion is posted in the correct topic. 

Lebanon 9-12 Project Chair Remarks

Unable to hold our monthly meetings, I've made my first attempt at a prerecorded video message to our members concerning matters related to the lockdown and this Governor.  This is my first attempt as such an effort!

The Epoch Times: Covid-19 Documentary

We are now a sponsor of the LEBTOWN online newspaper

Lebanon 9-12 Project has joined with Lebtown, Lebanon's premiere online place for local news and information.  We'll be publishing our monthly general meeting information through press releases on the Lebtown site.  You can visit Lebtown at

Annual Lebanon 9-12 Project Picnic

Mark Your Calendar! The Pavillion has been reserved for 2020!!!

Memorial Lake State Park, Upper Pavilion, August 22 11:00am until 4:00pm

Property Tax Town Hall
York, PA

This video was edited from it's 2 hour format to about 30 minutes to include the comments from Ron Boltz (PA Liberty Alliance), Jim Rodkey (PAPRA and Chair of the Lebanon 9-12 Project) and Representative Frank Ryan of the 101st District.

Guest Presenters:
Jada and Crystal Hunsicker, Jeff Schott of
Pennsylvania Medical Freedom Alliance

Chair Remarks

Gregory Wrightstone
Inconvenient Facts:
The Truth Al Gore Doesn't Want You To Know

Lebanon 9-12 Project Presentation

Frank Ryan At Lebanon 9-12 Project

Lebanon 9-12 Project Chair Comments
During Lancaster Town Hall
on School Property Tax Elimination

The video posted above is part of a longer written response.  You can read the full text here: Link

Lebanon 9-12 Project 
School Property Tax Elimination Town Hall
Guest Presenter: Ron Boltz
(pres. PA Liberty Alliance)

Packed room for the 2/13/17 School Property Tax Elimination Town Hall.  Check out the pictures here:

Should Pennsylvania Reduce the number of House Reps?

Ron Boltz (PA Liberty Alliance) addresses the Lebanon 9-12 Project concerning legislation to change the Constitution for the purpose of reducing the size of the legislature. (2/21/17)

Project Veritas: Proof Of Voter Fraud

The language in these videos includes vulgarities but the importance of what is presented must be seen.  This is important documentation of voter fraud from the very people who are conducting it.  Every fraudulent vote silences the vote of legal and legitimate voters!

This would be much more difficult if we eliminated early voting.  Early voting allows them to move people from state to state using illegal voter registrations to commit voter fraud.  

Read more: A special editorial on the upcoming election we are calling "A Time For Choosing" has been uploaded to this website.  You can read it here:  Link

Frank Ryan: Solving The Pension Problem

Lebanon 9-12 Project General Meeting 12-15-2015

Chair Remarks from Jim Rodkey addressing the outcome of the Property Tax Independence Vote and where we go from here.

Col. Frank Ryan discusses his Walk Across America that is the basis of his recently published book "Life Lessons Learned"

During our July General Meeting videos were referenced  and we've uploaded them to the website on a follow-up page for your convenience.  You can also download a copy of the Picnic flyer and see pics from the general meeting.


Testimony From Senate Hearing  6/10/15

Property Tax Independence Act Town Hall



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  • Property Tax Independence
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