The Lebanon 9-12 Project

Preserving the Constitution and the Founder's Principles at the Local Level

1-General Meetings



Dolores Euker

Right To Life (10/21/14)

Maria Gallagher
Right To Life (10/21/14)

Sen. Scott Wagner

Sam Roher
A Republic, If You Can Keep It
Senator Folmer
Medical Cannabis

Steve Karabin

Property Rights

Senator Folmer
HB/SB 76 update

Brad Bumsted

Keystone Corruption

Jodi Ferris
Convention Of States
Matt Wagner
Right To Work
Alan Perry Presentation
National Organization of Raw Materials
Rep Stephen Bloom
Faith Principles

The 14th Amendment
William Taylor Reil

Public Vs. Private Property

Jim Rodkey

Lebanon 9-12 Photo Montage


Young Patriots

Simon Campbell
Stop Teacher's Strikes
The Role Of Sheriffs
William Taylor Reil
John Dissinger Announces
Candidacy for 101st District
Myth 1: Those Numbers Don't Work

Myth 2: Those Mythical

Local Controls

George Guisewhite (Eyes of Pennsylvania) - Illegal Immigration
Charlie Gilbert (Eyes of Pennsylvania) - Obamacare
Jim Rodkey Speaks To
Eyes On Pennsylvania

Commonwealth Foundation
The Pension Bomb

Sandra Paveglio
Samaritan Ministries Health Care

Property Tax Independence Forum

Guest Panelists

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