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SSGT Shane Flynt

NOTE FROM AAUSS:  We can tell by the address that these Soldiers are in a remote part of Afghanistan, he/she may not get much internet access and they are in need of much support. Your Soldier and his unit could use all the support you can offer.


SSGT Shane Flynt


APO AE 09328



I enjoy reading books, magazines, watching DVDs, and playing dominoes. I have a beautiful wife, three great kids and two dogs. I will be missing all of my children’s birthdays and my wife's and my own wedding anniversary, and the holidays. I enjoy playing basketball, bicycling and cooking. I will be returning to the states on April 2012. I would greatly appreciate any packages or letters you send and I will respond back in gratitude. Thank you and God bless.

Bradley Rank

Bradley Rank
Kaia APOAE 09320
Wife Jenny Rank is 3 MO. Pregnant living Ft. Hood Tx.
Father Jim Rank is Scout Master of Troop 431 Ft. Indiantown Gap, Pa.


The following Soldiers, whom we have "adopted" in the past, are all back in the States. God Bless them All!


PFC LeBrea Barnfield

SPC Eshak Endrawes

SPC Willis (Austin) Ferguson

PFC Nicholas Green

PFC Bruce Stack

MSG Jose A. (Tony) Meza

Shawn Bearinger  

Derek Bellamy

Shane Flynt

LeBrea Barnfield

Dale Kohn

Bradley Rank

Chris Thibodeau

Scott Lease