The Lebanon 9-12 Project

Preserving the Constitution and the Founder's Principles at the Local Level


Membership in the Lebanon 9-12 Project

The Lebanon 9-12 Project basically functions with two levels of membership.  A membership through a sign-up on the internet via this page is an entry membership that gives you access to all message blasts coming out of the Lebanon 9-12 Project and access to all information posted on this website.  That membership also allows you to leave comments or, in some cases, to add new material to the website as in our blogs and forums. 

As part of the membership email blast you will receive information about specific issues as well as information about meetings and town halls hosted by candidates and/or representatives that you may or may not support.  A notification of a town hall or a candidate meet and greet is not an endorsement of a candidate, simply a notification that the candidate or representative will be  present as this meeting to allow you to go, ask question or become more familiar with the candidate or representative and their positions on key issues.  We encourage members to go out and support the candidates of their choosing and as part of that support will notify all other members of any free events open to the public that our members either host or are playing an active role in promoting.  We do not allow the website to be used for campaign fundraising in the promotion of fundraising events or functions for specific candidates.

The above membership in the Lebanon 9-12 Project is absolutely free.   However, much as we may wish to provide all of this information and material free to our isn't free to make that happen.  There is a cost involved in maintaining the website, holding our general meetings, providing printed materials and in doing the things that we have done over the last several years.  All of this has happened thanks to two outlets, the generous donations of the financial supporters of the Lebanon 9-12 Project through contributions made directly to the Lebanon 9-12 Project through our general meetings or by becoming an Active member of the Lebanon 9-12 Project.

Active membership in the Lebanon 9-12 Project comes at an annual cast of $10.00 per individual or $15.00 per married couple.  In order to serve on the board of the Lebanon 9-12 Project or to vote in elections of officers or amendments to our Constitution and By-Laws  you must first be a paid active member of the Lebanon 9-12 Project.  This demonstrates that you have a vested interest in the organization and have committed through some form of financial support of the organization through the annual dues.

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