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Terms Of Service

The Lebanon 9-12 Project Website is open to the public where membership is provided free of charge.  By acepting these terms of service required to maintain your membership on this website you also agree to have read and stand in agreement with the mission of the Lebanon 9-12 Project as found on our About Page

While we encourage open and honest debate in our forums we also expect that a certain respect and decorum to the opinions of others remains.  To that end, you may be removed from the website if you participate in the following activities as a member of the Lebanon 9-12 Project Website

1.  Extreme use of obsenity in responses and comments on the Website directed at any other individual.
2.  Spamming - We will not tolerate spamming.  The Lebanon 9-12 Project Wesite exists solely for discusssion on Political Advocay Issues and to provide information to our members related to those discussions
3.  Trolling - Argument for Arguments sake is not debate. Trolling is simply trying to get a rise out of someone for the sole purpose of irritating them. Forcing them to respond to you, either through wise-crackery, posting incorrect information, asking blatantly stupid questions, or other foolishness. 
4.  No Campaigning - The Lebanon 9-12 Project does not endorse candidates.  The website shall not be used for the purpose of campaigning for an indivdual.
5.  Any post that attacks an elected representative or candidate that can not be verifyed with facts will be immediately removed.  You have a right to freedom of speech but we will not promote slander.  Express those views elsewhere. 

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